What. A. Goal. We're standing on the edge of a football pitch on the outskirts of Madrid, where FHM reader Kieran Saunders, a long-time fan of Cristiano Ronaldo and his Nike Mercurial speed boots, has just thumped a header into the back of the net in front of dozens of assembled media from all over the world.

Kieran won a competition on the Real Madrid forward's Facebook page, which offered youngsters from across the continents the chance to meet their hero and live the life of a superstar footballer. The've had world-class training, photoshoots, been go-karting and generally been treated to the best three-day trip ever. We're just here to tag along, interview the lucky lad and hopefully sneak in a couple of massive plates of Iberian ham.

So Kieran, you’ve done the UK proud. Talk us through that header...
Well I saw Felicio running up the left wing and just though I had to get forward because no one else really looked interested. So I went for it and it came to me. I’ve always been quite good in the air defensively but attacking-wise I’ve never been great, but as soon as I hit it I knew it was going in. It’s probably one of the best goals I’ve scored, and definitely one of the most important because it was such a big occasion.

Who do you play for at home?
I play my right midfield for my local team Epping Town. I’ve played centre-mid too. I haven’t missed any games coming out here but I have missed training. But the training back in England’s not as intense as we’ve had out here. I really enjoyed it.

Tripod was well jealous

Where did you first see the competition?

On Ronaldo’s Twitter page, and just thought it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. I had to answer a series of questions in the quickest time and with the best answer. We also had to send pictures of ourselves because they wanted to see our off-pitch style too.

And when did you find out you’d won?
About three of four days after. I got an email through from Nike saying I was through and was asked for my passport details. It was only about a week between finding out I’d won and actually flying to Madrid. Everything happened so quickly.

With 35m Facebook fans, CR7 is kind of a big deal

We suppose you could get used to this?
Definitely! I couldn’t give you a single favourite bit but the overall experience has been a whole new world for me. At first I wasn’t too sure about having all the cameras in my face but in the end I didn’t mind it too much.

And Nike have given you all new CR7 clothes to wear…
Yeah, it’s amazing, I ‘m going to make sure everyone at home goes and buys some!

"So Cristiano, what do you think of the new collection?"

Has getting a taste for being a footballer given you a new drive with your own game?
It’s given me the drive and ambition to push forward and play at the highest level I can. Getting hold of the new boots is a big thing, but I think the main thing I’ll show off is the picture of me standing next to Cristiano. I wasn’t expecting that.

So Cristiano signed your boots – you can’t play in them now, can you?

Nope. I’m thinking of getting a glass box for the boots to keep them nice and fresh.

Not many people know this, but Cristiano Ronaldo is joined at the wrist to a 20-year-old from Belgium.

And you’d recommend people keep an eye out for similar comps?
Basically, if you get the chance then take it because never in a million years did I think this would happen to me. Things like this never happen to me. I’m a very lucky person.