“Come down to Acton” they said. “It’ll be fun” they said. “A nice afternoon out of the office” they said. “Some fresh air and exercise” they said. “You’ll enjoy it” they said.

“SURE” we said.

At no point, ABSOLUTELY no point, did they say: “We're going to make you do this anaerobic test thing that all the England rugby players do. It will nearly destroy you”.

Had they mentioned that, we might have said: “Err, we’ve got a thing on that day. Yeah, definitely a thing.”

Try it yourself:

- Line up four poles (or just, y'know, objects) at 10-yard intervals.

- Start with your chest down, in line with the first one.

- Jump up, run to the second pole and backwards to the start point.

- Chest down.

- Jump up, run round the third pole and back.

- Chest down.

- Jump up, run round the fourth pole and back.

Rest for 30 seconds.

Then do it twice in a row. Rest 30 seconds. Then twice in a row again. Rest 30 seconds. Then four times in a row. Rest 30 seconds. Then do it once more. Collapse.

If you're doing it with friends, the rest period starts as soon as the first person is back. So, if you're slow, you get less rest.

Time yourself and make sure you improve your time each time you do it.

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