José Mourinho’s pretty good at winding people up: Rafa Benítez, Franz Beckenbauer, Catalonia. They’ve all chipped in with hard-boiled words about a man who even Liverpool fans will remember as nothing but grade-A entertainment during his Premier League years. Pietro Lo Monaco, the chief executive of Italian Serie A side Catania, said that Mourinho is “the kind of guy who deserves to be smashed in the teeth with a club.” Ouch. But as FHM steps into his office, we’re not here to talk sensitive issues. We’re not here to talk about beating Barcelona or wrestling autonomy from the Real Madrid hierarchy. We’re not even here to talk about football. We’re here to talk about Bryan Adams.

José If you could have any band – ever - play at your party, who would it be?

Bryan Adams. And maybe I have a chance. We are friends and we contact each other regularly. Maybe when I get to my 50s. I’m 48 now so January… 49 and then, 2013, maybe I have a chance to persuade him.

Wow. What else gets played on the Mourinho stereo?

My daughter is 13 so you can imagine Justin Bieber is on the list, my boy is 11 so you can imagine Pitbull is on the list. But what I like is when me or their Mum play our music and they say, “Hey,  good music!” They can listen to Bryan or Sting and say they like it which means that we are correct. It means it is music for all times.

Do you find that people make assumptions about the real José?

Yeah, but that’s normal. That’s normal because the José Mourinho that people know is the one that they see in matches, in stadiums, on TV, in press conferences and that’s normal that people don’t know me really. And I’m happy that it’s like this because I want to try and keep myself to my family and some friends. That’s the way I like it.

What’s your morning routine like?

I wake up very early - very early - 6.30 or something like that. And after that I come to training. So I would say 15-20 minutes to take care of myself and then a very, very, very quick breakfast and then it’s 35-40 minutes from home to training ground. The training session starts at 10.30, so I have two and a half hours for my gym, to prepare my training session, to speak to my assistants.

José on Jobs

Being a football manager’s a great gig, but are there other professions you look at and admire?

Yes, I think people that save lives in many senses must be incredible people - doctors and nurses and firemen. And there are so many people with a big influence of people’s lives that I have full respect and I admire a lot.

The job market’s a tough place… what advice would you give someone before an interview?

It’s quite hard - the world is a big hypocrite in these situations and I think sometimes you have to say what you don’t want to say and sometimes you have to hide what you don’t want to hide. But I’m very, very strong in these aspects - be what you are, say what you have to say, don’t hide, don’t be fake, don’t pretend to be something else, know what you are and people have to accept you because you are what you are. You cannot be worried with the opinion of others. You shouldn’t make decisions because your parents are happy with your decisions, you should make the decisions that make you the most happy.

So you’d say liberty is more important than security?

Security is important but liberty too. I know that to have some security is crucial but liberty of choice, having the chance to choose, I think is important.

If you could go back and give your 24-year-old self a piece of advice for the future - what would it be?

I think you have to prepare very, very well for a competitive world. But I also think we all need a little lucky moment in life that you can’t control. So do what you like and prepare the best you can. Try to have the career you always dream with and be honest with yourself is the most important thing and be happy with yourself as well I think after that the moment – when it clicks - has to come.

José on Food

What’s your favourite country in the world for food?

I think the best food is in Portugal. Maybe because I was born there but I think it is the best food ever. You can speak about the French kitchen or the Italian kitchen and ok that’s good, but Portugal is the best, not just because of the quality of the product because the fish is unbelievable but because of the way people cook in Portugal. I think it is the best.

What do you go for when you get a takeaway?

I don’t have takeaway, even when I go with the kids. They push me to go and of course they go like every kid. And they like their cinema, they like their movies, they like their hamburger or pizza after school. I go with them but I don’t eat with them.

What's your favourite thing to cook?

I cook nothing. Nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing.

But you’re a wine man… what’s your plonk of choice?

I had my fights with Sir Alex about it - good fights, positive fights. I’m not a real specialist but when I taste it – and I don’t taste much – but my little bit of red wine I know what I like and what I don’t like. I like the sweetness of the Portuguese red wine. For me it’s better than Bordeaux.

José on Clothes

What do you look for in clothing?

Feeling comfortable. I’m very obsessed with quality - the wool must be a very good one, the polos must be quality. I’m quite obsessed with the touch - the big winter coats, pure cashmere. I’m more obsessed with the quality and the touch than the style but I like to feel good.

What do you splash out on?

I don’t splash much - not on myself. I splash on my wife, on my kids and on my friends, but I don’t splash on myself.

José on his Hair

FHM found a grey hair the other day - can you remember your first?

Yes I remember that was very, very early, very early. I was something like 18 or 19 and I already had my first one. My grandmother said not top pull it out as seven will come for the one you took. But at the same time I was never worried with it. I was always happy with the genetics of my family, lots of white hair but lots of hair so not one person in my family bald or with little hair. My wife told me “Never, but never, try to hide one because I love it the way it is.” So there’s never been a problem with my white hair.

José on City Living

What do you miss about being in London?

I miss the freedom of walking the street without people to disturb me. I miss having dinner in a restaurant and people don’t interrupt me and if they want an autograph or a photo they wait till I finish and leave the table in the restaurant. I miss playing at 12 o’clock on a Saturday on a Sunday. I miss having an open training session and the doors are open and nobody comes. I miss living in the centre of a town and walking in the street with my family without anybody to disturb me - that’s what I miss about London.

And what are the good things about Madrid that London doesn’t offer?

Madrid has the best club in the world so I have the best job in the world of football and that’s fantastic. After that, the characteristics of the people are very similar to the characteristics of my own country. The social life has to be very little because it is a different way - the people show you the love and respect in a very different way. But I’m at the biggest club in the world and my family’s happy, I can say my family is happy too.

José on Sports

Are there other sports you enjoy?

To watch yes, to practice no. I give myself 45 minutes a day to train. I go to the gym, not one minute more, not one minute less but I take care of myself. I watch other sports, of course. I’m not saying everything but almost everything. I’m sorry, but I don’t like the cricket because the matches never finish - I never know when it finishes but it takes  ages - cricket is not for me. But rugby, tennis, Formula One, athletics, swimming - everything that is connected to Olympic games - every sport and I’m there.

José, the FHM office has a five aside team. Can you give us some advice?

I think the best way to play 5-a-side is in a diamond - not a square- a diamond. Because in a diamond you can build 3 lines when you are in possession. The more lines you build the more chances of good ball possession and at the same time when you defend you can be very compact.

José on Grooming

Management: a cuthroat business

FHM: It is acceptable for a man to use anti-ageing creams?
JM: Hmm, sometimes...

FHM: Should a man ever get waxed?
JM: No, never.

FHM: What about a manicure or a pedicure?
JM: Yes, sometimes. Footballers must take care of their feet.

FHM: Can a man get away with dyeing his hair?
JM: Nah - never.

FHM: Facials?
JM: Not for me...


José Mourinho is the new global ambassador for Braun electric shaving. For more info on the Braun range, visit