How to organise a killer stag do – an FHM guide

Posted by , 12 October 2011

Games & forfeits

Games & forfeits

Games and forfeits are another good way to encourage (read: force) guys who don’t know each other to make the effort and have a laugh.

It can be simple classics like pub golf - with pairs drawn randomly to avoid everyone just staying with who they know like it’s the first day of ‘big school’. Or it could be a selection of punishing challenges and forfeits for the stag to draw from periodically throughout the night.

You can stick to basics like “down a pint” or “spend ten minutes blindfolded”, or let your imagination run riot, a la “spend at least five minutes talking to that girl over there, yes the one who looks like Teenwolf, yes the one with the massive boyfriend with ‘HATE’ shaved into his hair, oh do man up and get on with it, we don’t make the rules, do we?”

Dares can be stuck to each card in a pack of 52, and drawn at random – so if you get a horrendous one, well, you kind of picked your own fate and nobody can call anyone a sociopath. Forfeits can range from penalty shots to waxing and are limited only by your own cruelty.

A load of stag do ideas can be found at Redseven's website.

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