The economy may be in recession but there’s plenty of growth out there in the UK at the moment. The bad news is that it’s all under girls' arms.

Meet Emer O’Toole, a 28-year-old research student who went on national telly last week to proudly show off her bearded pits.

Emer had an epiphany 18 months ago (not to be confused with an epilator that actually removes hair) that shaving is for wrong ’uns and “conforms to artificial gender norms”. She hasn’t touched a razor since.

Before you pass this off as just one girl; cast your mind back to last month’s FHM where we investigated the return of lady hair.

Our under-the-covers investigation found an increasing number of girls were ditching their trimmers and going au naturel above and down below.

“Muff is definitely making a comeback in 2012,” Dodai Stewart, from top girly superblog Jezebel, told us. “The '70s muffcut is super trendy right now.”

So what do you think readers? Here at FHM we embrace gender equality.

Women make great (often the best) doctors and lawyers, they run business empires and lead nations to greatness.

All we ask is that – for the love of God  – they shave their pits before doing it.