Today Andy Murray is in the semi-finals at Wimbledon. YES! This is the first time he's been in the semi-finals since...ok, last year. But this time he's going to win and not be sent home by Andy Roddick (largely because he's not playing him). These are ten reasons why Andy Murray WILL win Wimbledon this year.

He's only dropped one set so far in the entire tournament. That's very good. It means his matches have been a bit boring, but whatever. Nadal has dropped five sets. Rubbish.

2/ Because he's only lost one set, he's played much shorter games, so he's going to be feeling a lot less tired than Nadal.

3/ This girl supports Andy Murray and she's quite pretty. Nobody would disappoint her.

Pretty Andy Murray fan

4/ Murray's beefed up over the past year. Nadal might be built like a man-shaped tank but Murray's a strong bugger now, too. Look at him. Angry.

Andy Murray ripped

5/ Murray's got his temper under control, so he's less likely to ruin his game after stropping over a bad call. But he's also getting more aggressive. When he was one set down to Tsonga he didn't let it get to him and won the next three sets. Strong.

6/ Nadal's got slightly dodgy knees. These could cause him gip if the match is a marathon five-setter, which it could well be. Andy Murray's knees are perfectly ok, see.

Andy Murray's knees

7/ He's beaten Rafael Nadal before. He beat him in the semi-final of the US Open in 2008 and the first round of Rotterdam. He also technically beat Nadal in the US Open this year, although Nadal actually retired with injury. BUT IT STILL COUNTS.

8/ Murray's a better server than Nadal.

9/ It's his time, man. It's his time. It's 74 years since a British man was last in a Wimbledon final. That's too long. People have been born and died of old age in that time. How is that ok?

10/ This is a lovely bottom. Unrelated.

Tennis bottom

One reason he might not win:

1/ Nadal's really bloody good.