The summer holiday is booked. Guaranteed rays and nudity fill you with boyish excitement and almost certain dread. Even the baggiest trunks can't hide what you've neglected for eight months of the year - yes that's your moobs and beer belly. You begin to feel a little nervous, panicky and sweat begins to collect in all the wrong places. It's then when you start hitting the gym.

Unfortunately, the running machine is not a liposuction device or a qualified plastic surgeon. The alternative? Beautytek appears to be the latest 'non-invasive totally natural body sculpting technique' which might actually work. The tailor made pain-free alternative to surgery can actually target the areas of your body which simply won't be sculpted - no matter how many hours you spend earnestly ab-crunching in the gym. The cost for a treatment starts from £150 and varies according to the area being treated. A course of 12 treatments is recommended. Check it out...before it's too late.