In a male dominated office, competition is inevitable. Who can eat the most pizza? Produce the biggest bi-product of said pizza? These are typical shows of masculinity. Exercise is not. As you can see from the above picture, we are pretty average, at best.

Bored of comparing sweetmeat sizes in the office, we decided to see how we size up against the country. We got kitted out in the Nike store, where we had to run while being recorded to measure our gait, which defined the best trainers to suit us. We felt all warm and special inside. Then it was time to sign up to where all our individual runs are uploaded and saved online. Much like fantasy football you too can signup with your race times and compare them to ours. Do you think you can beat us? Join our group on

The big race day that everyone is working towards is 24 October for a 10km battle of wills in the Nike+ Human Race. You can race it anywhere as long as you upload your times afterwards. We’ll be getting beaten into shape by England rugby star Ugo Monye. Presuming there aren’t too many broken legs we will see you at the virtual finish line.