In the September 2009 issue of FHM Bionic, we published an article called The Ultimate Abs Plan which explained how to get a six pack in six weeks. But just like the hard kid at school who does nothing when he finally gets called a pussy, our bluff has been called. With one difference: we haven't been exposed as frauds yet, we're just under scrutiny.

Arivind Abraham and Samantha Tan got in touch with FHM to show us their blog, Rip This Joint, which is dedicated to seeing if our “6 STEPS + 6 WEEKS = 6 PACK!” claim is the work of a magazine dedicated to serious fitness, or bollocks.

Our article, written by Mike Tench, sets out an extensive guide to fat burning, diet, machines and supplements to use in tandem with the exercises and some do-it-at-home crunches, leg raises and weights. It's tough. So who are we up against?

According to Rip This Joint, Arivind is 26, an “average guy, moderately fit” who “works from home and tries to jog/cycle 3-4 times a week” and is “lamenting loss of muscle tone after quitting the gym due to THE ECONOMY”.

Samantha is 24, a “professional dancer and former gymnast” and a “typically body-conscious woman but also HUGE foodie and therefore in a perpetual dilemma”.

They are assuming the article is all lies, and say they “highly doubt we'll end up looking like the chiselled dude in the picture”. We agree that Samantha probably won’t, but to retain our own credibility are praying for Arivind’s abs to explode.

As we write, the brave duo are six days into the plan. After day one’s run and exercises, they said “our abs are in so much pain that laughing, coughing and sneezing are agony”. Good start. No pain no gain, and other clichés. On day two the duo’s abs still hurt but the run was “easier and more invigorating”.

Day four saw the challengers cook some brownies for a barbeque but didn’t eat any of them, and chowed down on loads of turkey instead. After six days Samantha realised that “six meals a day plan can be mighty inconvenient for anyone without total freedom in their day” but made up for the sadness by having two slivers of skinless roast chicken breast covered in Reggae Reggae Sauce”.

Go on, follow Arivind’s and Samantha progress, and suss out if you can trust the writers at FHM. Their blog is HERE.