Left it too late? Worried you’ll look like Jabba The Hutt (minus the hot brunette in a gold bikini) once you hit the beach? Fear no more…



Option 1: Bowl of oats and mixed berries, cooked together. “Oats are rich in fibre that’ll keep you feeling full and less likely to binge later,” says Dr Ross Sherman, the eating plan designer, senior exercise physiologist and dietary advisor at Kingston University, London.
Option 2: Two boiled eggs, two slices of whole-wheat bread. “People who eat two eggs eat fewer calories throughout their day.”
Option 3: Muesli, banana and milk. “Eating multiple grains, including oats, keeps your blood sugar even – which is important to fight fat.”
Option 4: Two-egg omelette with capsicum, chilli pepper, mozzarella cheese, tomato. “A compound in the chilli can raise your metabolism by up to 25% for several hours.”



Option 1: Hummus on oat cakes. “This snack is full of lean protein and healthy fats that promote fat burning while keeping you feeling full.”
Option 2: Whey protein-shake, mixed fruits and flaxseed. “People who take whey protein regularly eat fewer calories throughout the day and are leaner than those who don’t.”
Option 3: 2-3 boiled eggs (if you didn’t eat them at breakfast) and fruit salad. “The benefits of eggs and the slimming antioxidant mix in the fruit salad make for a powerful weight-loss combination.”
Option 4: Sardines on whole-wheat toast. “Sardines are swimming in protein and Leptin, a hormone that tells your body to use calories for energy rather than store them as fat.”



Option 1: Tuna, avocado salad. “It’s loaded with the healthy fats, is high in protein and low in carbs, making for a perfect balance of nutrients.”
Option 2: Sliced turkey and mixed salad sandwich on whole-wheat. “Turkey is almost devoid of fat and eating slow-digesting carbs like the bread will make you burn more fat throughout the day.”
Option 3: Thai green chicken curry. “The benefits of the chillies are multiplied in this no-carb curry.”
Option 4: Sushi with brown rice. “It’s high in protein, omega 3s and fibre for totally guilt-free eating that still tastes good.”

Mid-afternoon snack


Option 1: Beef jerky and an orange. “The jerky is pure protein, while the orange’s vitamin C dilutes fat, making it easier to flush out your system.”
Option 2: Chicken soup. “It’s squashed full of vital weight-loss nutrients and protein that will hike up your metabolism.”
Option 3: Yoghurt, sliced banana, mixed nuts in a bowl. “Studies show that people who regularly eat nuts have lower body-fat percentages than those who don’t.”
Option 4: Cottage cheese on Ryvita. “The cheese is rich in calcium and research has found that people with a dairy-rich diet are slimmer than those who shun the white stuff.”



Option 1: Chicken stir fry on a bed of vegetables. “Stir-fries only loosen the belt buckle when eaten with carb-filled noodles. A bed of antioxidant-rich veggies gives you a shrinking waist line.”
Option 2: Grilled salmon, _ cup brown rice, mixed veggies. “The fish is a rich source of omega 3s which are proven to aid weight loss.”
Option 3: Ground turkey and bean fajitas. “Beans are high in protein and blunt the effects that carbs have on your blood sugar making you less likely to gorge on late-night snacks.”
Option 4: Small fillet steak on bed of vegetables. “Lean steak is rich in creatine which maintains your muscle mass, making you burn more calories.”


Apple mack
Full of fibre (to crush your rising cholesterol) and pectin (to decrease the chance of cancer)

Fish food
Salmon’s high in muscle-building protein and fat-stripping omega3

Orange county
Low in calories, high in the blood pressure-decreasing nutrient herperidin