Bullies getting you down? Follow the training regime of Floyd Mayweather Jr - currently the best boxer in the world - and we guarantee you’ll never be bog-washed again.

1/ Core


“How far I run each day varies,” says Mayweather. “And sometimes if I’ve sparred more rounds than usual on one particular day, won’t run at all. But when do hit the road, I’ll do anything between five and eight-and-a-half miles going fast."


Sit-up punches

This is where his trainer holds his legs and then he stands up out of a sit-up position, throws two uppercuts then returns back down. Go for as many as possible. Inevitably give up after three.



A lung-hurting exercise that also helps a fighter's coordination as he rhythmically works out where his feet land as the rope swings at high speed. Mayweather will sometimes skip up to 20 minutes straight, often as a warming-up exercise.


Neck Harness

An exercise that's unique to boxing.  The fighter lies on the canvas of a ring with his head pointing over it and a neck harness attacked round his head.  This has chains linking it to a weight - putting a strain on his neck muscles.  Mayweather will just move his head up and down so that his neck doesn't snap back on a fight night.


2/ Technique


"I spar between eight and ten rounds every day to work on my technique and certain punches I'm going to use to expose the boxer I'm fighting.  I'm working on my uppercut because I've noticed Marquesz has been dropped a few times with that punch."



Footwork - that is the elegance with which a fighter moves round the ring to position himslef to throw punches - is a great fighter's main weapon. Mayweather's footwork is a second to none. And shadowboxing is where he hones it.



The speed at which Mayweather throws punches while his trainer holds the padded mitts is remarkable, often ducking under his trainer's hands. "I'll do 30 minutes of padwork straight," says Mayweather, "with no break at all."


Punch bags

"I heard straight for the heaviest bag in my gym that really pushes my body as I hit it and then don't stop for another 20 minutes. I'm looking to not only go into that fight looking to win, I also want to be viewed by others as the best at my sport."



Floyd Mayweather Jr fights Juan Manuel Márquez at 2am Sunday September 20, live on Sky Sports 1 and HD1