You know how it is. You’re sitting at home, drinking tea, watching Leeds United beat Manchester United in the FA Cup, cringing as Wayne Rooney tries his hardest to equalise by hitting a shot straight at the goalkeeper rather than into the top corner, and you wonder: how accurate are Premiership footballers?

The answer, you would think, is: very. But we didn’t want to take anyone’s word for it, so we encouraged Aston Villa and England player James Milner to kick footballs at FHM’s resident masochist Stuart Hood from a variety of distances, all in the name of seeking out the truth. Like Bernstein and Woodward, with shin pads. Watch the video above.

And read all about it in the February issue of FHM, which looks like this:

It has The Saturdays on the cover, plus a rundown of 2010’s hottest new girls featuring the new Keeley, Dr Who’s new assistant, the new Megan Fox and Victoria’s new secret. There’s also an idiot-proof guide to the New Year including a handy guide to where terrorists might strike next, some fighting with girls, and an extensive guide to a year’s worth of movies, TV shows, computer games, trainers and todger problems. Basically, it’s brilliant.

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