You, like us, probably find it a bit difficult to get up the enthusiasm to get off your sorry ass and do enough actual exercise to get in peak shape (watching Sky Sports does not count as doing exercise). Unless you happen to have thousands to spend on a personal trainer or live with an angry decathlete called Sven, then it's up to you and your will power. Good luck with that. Adidas' MiCoach iPhone app, launched this week, does the job of a personal trainer without the expense or the shouting.

The mobile app generates workouts for any level of fitness, from 10-minute 'Green Zone' workouts for beginners, to more hardcore 'Red Zone' plans for those who sleep in a press-up position and wrestle bears for sport. You can also customise it to your chosen sport. It will monitor your progress and encourage you in areas where you need to improve. The only thing it won't do is hand you a towel and rub your back for you once your work--out is done.

The ad features the likes of Jessica Ennis, Andy Murray and Jonny Wilkinson – to see the app in action, and head to to find out more.