Nyotaimori dining, or female body presentation as it's roughly translated, has been around in Japan for centuries. As one of the oldest cultures on the planet, they know best how to throw a good party.

This shadowy dining experience was reserved for the Japanese elite and is coming to England for the first time this spring. Flash Sushi will offer limited places (12-24) with only one event per month until March 2010. It costs a hefty £250 but offers a once-in-a-lifetime ten course Omakase style sushi dinner with a champagne reception. Plus the naked models (Hadaka) cut back on the strip club expenses later.

How do I get involved you ask? Prospective diners are asked to register their interest through the Flash Sushi website. Customers will then be informed of the next Flash Sushi dinner via email, disclosing the time, location and a code of conduct for the sitting. To ensure absolute privacy, the experience is very clandestine with diners arriving at various locations, ranging from a grand central London mansion to an unoccupied warehouse space.

And whom will be hacking up the fishies? Head chef Saito of 20 years experience is entrusted to create a meal that “fully demonstrates the depth and precision of Japanese culinary artistry”. To see the skilled knife work and ninja-style technique of a real Sushi Shokunin (sushi master chef) is worth the ticket price alone. For an extra bit of bunce he will throw ninja stars into a mackerel from fifty feet… apparently.