What are they? The Nike CTR 360 Maestri, the boot that Arsenal’s Cesc Fabregas was wearing when he bagged four assists and a goal in his side’s 6-2 demolition job on Blackburn Rovers.

What’s so special about them?
They’ve got all sorts of daft-sounding technology, designed specifically for ball control. There’s the ‘lateral forefront dampening pods’, the ‘shape-correcting memory foam’, the ‘unique forefront cleat geometry’ and the ‘enhanced ball to cleat interface’.

Are they taking the piss? Nope. But the boots are very, very comfortable – much more than the rigid, plastic experience of the Nike T90s or the lightweight Mercurials. They’re made of a synthetic, ‘Kanga-Lite’ leather, which feels like the real thing, but doesn’t absorb water in wet conditions.

But they’re how much? £120?
Yup - a hefty wedge.  But when you buy them, you get a unique user code that, when entered at nikefootball.com, gives you access to Nike Football+, where you'll find a heap of fancy training videos featuring Fabregas and chums, as well as early-bird news on elite training sessions, trial events and player appearances. Hardly a deal-breaker, but an industry first.