By the time you read this, Ricky ‘The Hitman’ Hatton may have already been crowned the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world. Or been battered to a pulp by his vastly talented opponent ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd Mayweather Jr in Las Vegas on December 8th. (Turn to page 186 for fight package details). Either way, Hatton – or ‘Ricky Fatton’ as he nicknames himself – is also legendary for piling on the blubber between bouts thanks to a unapologetic diet of Chinese takeaways and Guinness. Amazingly, he then shrinks from weighing 13-and-a-half stones to an impressive 10 stones and five pounds of lean muscle.

Granted, he does so over the course of a rigorous 12-week period. But as his nutritionist and weight-training coach Kerry Kayes points out, Hatton will lose more than a stone during his first fortnight back at the gym. ‘The Hitman’ then loses two pounds of lard per week, while running for five miles every night. Here are the other elements to his potentially soul-destroying regime…


Eats six small meals a day.
Each is made up of a combination of foods from the list below (e.g. one protein, one carb and one veg).
If he’s desperate to cut his calories before a specific date (e.g. the weigh-in), Hatton downs a sports supplement (see below) instead of a meal.
He also drinks four large 2-litre Evian bottles each day.

Chicken; fish
Pasta; potatoes; rice; porridge
Broccoli; green beans

Pro MR Powder-based meal replacement, full of protein.
Pro Lipid Contains omega 3, 6 and 9, the ‘good fat’ that help break down stubborn fat in the body.
Pro Flapjack Chocolate-coated, between-meals snack.


Each workout lasts 20 minutes, while each set consists of 10 repetitions…


Standing calf raise machine

Dip your shoulders under the pneumatic pads resting on either shoulder then step onto the raised platform, keeping your back straight. Now, dangling your heels over the step, push up onto your tiptoes, then slowly lower your bodyweight down.


Leg press machine

Sat beneath the slanted machine at a daunting 45º angle, slowly draw the weight towards your backside, feel like your quads might explode then power the heft up without snapping your spine.



Incline chest press machine

With your spine pressed flat against the cushioned padding, push the weight forward through its natural motion, feel your man boobs tremble, then slowly release the weight back down.


Preacher curls

Sit in this biceps-conditioning contraption, rest your elbows on the pads and reach for the weighted bar in front of you. Using your elbows for leverage, blast the weight up, tense at the top for a better pump, then lower the weight down.



No weights


Lat pulldowns

Sit down on that seated machine where you pull the weight down towards you, while keeping your spine aligned. Slowly draw the weight using your back muscles (or lats) then raise the bar to its original position.


Hamstring curls

Lying on this machine with your face down, slide your calves under the bar and then pump it up so your ankles come within five inches of your backside, then lower back down.



Shoulder press machine

Sit with a handle resting above either shoulder, power the weight up, don’t fully extend, then lower it down. Absent-mindedly ogle an office girl having an asthma attack on an elliptical trainer nearby.


Triceps pulldown

Stand next to a cable machine with a straight bar dangling in front of your stomach. Grab the bar at either end and, keeping your elbows locked by your sides, pump the weight down towards your groin while ensuring your back’s straight. Then slowly raise the bar up.

3/ Boxing

Each ‘round’ lasts for three minutes, with a 30-second rest in between


1. Shadow boxes five rounds.
2. Hits the ‘body belt’ for 15 rounds: “It’s a pad that my trainer Billy Graham straps to his body,” says Hatton, “allowing me to pound  away without breaking  his ribs.”
3. Pummels a punch bag for 12 rounds.
4. Spars for 15 rounds:    “There have been times when a sparring partner  has gone a bit far, so sometimes I have to give them something to chew on.”


1. Shadow boxes five rounds.
2. Punches boxing pads worn by Graham for 15 rounds.
3. Jumps over a wooden bar raised waist-high for four rounds.

To ensure you shed the optimum amount of fat over the shortest period of time you can either follow Hatton’s fighting regime below – which entails bashing a chum repeatedly in the face – or join your local boxing gym (visit In both instances, you’ll carry out a variation of the exercises Hatton swears by.