Hopefully you’ve never wanted to kill your boss, but if you ever did, and imagined the many ways it might go wrong, this could be the film for you.

What's it about?

Essentially, the film centres around a dilemma. What can you do when your boss is a complete bastard, a man-eater or a total wanker? Okay, asides from quitting, you could try and kill them.

This is the premise behind Horrible Bosses, the unimaginatively named but rather good film about three friends dealing with life under the thumbs of very nasty people. Introducing our ‘heroes’ Nick, Dale and Kurt.

Horrible Bosses.
Real 'heroic', huh?

Nick, played by Jason Bateman, has been logging 12-hour days and working towards the big promotion. He’s been eating everything his twisted, manipulative and power crazed supervisor Dave Harken dishes out. Wanker.

Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) has just learned that his company’s corrupt new owner, Bobby Pellit, is not only bent on ruining his career but plans to funnel toxic waste into an unsuspecting population. Wanker.

Dale (Charlie Day) has been struggling to maintain his self-respect against the relentless sexual advances of Dr. Julia Harris, D.D.S, when she suddenly turns up the heat. Uh oh!    

So, on the strength of a few-too-many drinks and some dubious advice from a hustling ex-con whose street cred is priced on a sliding scale, the guys devise a convoluted and ridiculous plan to fix everything. They’ll kill each other’s bosses. Genius! Illegal! Harder than you think! 

What's good about it?

Well, it is pretty funny for a start.

But the best bit is probably the three bosses and how horrible they are. Okay, apart from Aniston’s character – who’s not horrible at all, just a bit sexually frustrated – and that’s hardly horrible if you look like Jennifer Aniston.

First up we have the coked up Pellit, played by Colin Farrell (“Playing Pellit was all about channeling my inner douch” quips Colin). Pellit is the tyrannical egomaniac inheritor of the factory that Nick’s been working for. He is basically the living embodiment of a complete and utter wanker. Words do not describe how bad the inside of his house is. You must watch.

Next we have Kevin Spacey’s portrayal of the character, Harken (quoting Spacey; “Harken is just a bully.  He’s a terrible, terrible person.). Harken is basically the living embodiment of the word ‘Bastard’, and is the sort of conscience-free, power tripping corporate shit who makes life a living hell for no reason other than the fact that he can. And he’s very good at it. 

Last we have sexual predator/dentist Dr. Julia Harris, D.D.S. played so magnificently by Jennifer Aniston (“I’ve never played a character so inexcusably raunchy and there was no way I could resist it”). Julia has the sex drive of a pubescent boy and the body of…well, Jennifer Aniston. She wants to sex up ‘poor’ Dale very much indeed. For some reason this doesn’t go down too well with Dale, especially after the blackmail starts.

Jennifer Aniston in grey top
Danger! Stay away! Or not.

Oh and bonus points for Jamie Foxx’s portrayal of Motherfucker Jones. Motherfucker is a slightly dubious ex-con who notices an opportunity to part three dumb white boys from their money. His service? ‘Murder consultant’. His fees? Exorbitant.

What's bad about it?

Expect laughs (you do have a sense of humour) but don’t expect any radical mind-blowing philosophical insights or life changing revelations. What the shit were you expecting anyway, Citizen Kane?

Should I go and see it?

Yeah, we think you should. Because every now and then you just want to watch Colin Farrell on coke and Jennifer Aniston's posturing with a banana. And who can blame you?

Jennifer Aniston sexual advances
Dale forgets to heed FHM's 'warning' 


Horrible Bosses is out on July 22