How to organise a killer stag do – an FHM guide

Posted by , 12 October 2011

How much to spend + how to get the money on time

How much to spend + how to get the money on time

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    Who to invite and who to leave behind

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    Whether to go abroad or stay in the UK

How much to spend on the stag do obviously depends how well off you are as a group. If you’re organising Prince Harry’s stag party, you can probably afford to be a bit more outlandish than if you’re celebrating the forthcoming union of Homeless Steve and that one-eyed girl who sits outside the chicken shop.

Don’t forget to think about everyone you’re inviting - if even one person your stag wants to be there can’t afford it, you’ve probably gone too expensive. Decent stag weekends can be organised for little more than £100 per head, particularly if you’re happy to stay in the UK.

You’ll also need to think about expenses. Expenses = BOOZE.

Getting the money on time will be one of, if not the hardest aspect of organising the stag weekend. You might well be thinking “nah, my mates are all sound, they’ll pay on time no problem”. Well more fool you, because that’s what they want you to think, the tightfisted money-grabbing bastards you call your best mates. But seriously, lethargy and forgetfulness will ensure that AT LEAST one person hasn’t paid on time. Like Stingy Phil, who probably has the money but likes to pretend he has two illegitemate children he has to pay maintenance for. YOU'RE NOT FOOLING ANYONE PHIL.

Also, considering you’ll probably be booking at least one part of the weekend several months in advance, you’re going to face dropouts. If you can’t get a refund on flights/accommodation/whatever – who’s going to foot that bill?

Your best bet is a strict “pay £x by this date or sort your own shit” policy. It might sound harsh, but a fear of having to organise something for themselves will spur your pals into action like having a ravenous weasel up their keks.

If you’re too soft, Redseven will collect the money from your mates for you. Plus with them, you can pay all pay individually by instalments. Pretty handy.

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