In an act of sporting madness not seen since Tim Henman nearly killed a ballgirl in 1995 (it's true – Google it!), Argentine tennis-pro David Nalbandian lost his mind (and probably his career) halfway through the Queen's final in London this weekend.

Not happy about losing a crucial point, he thought it would be smart to kick seven shades of shite out of an advertising hoarding, despite the fact that said hoarding was approximately 1cm away from the line judge's shin.

Funnily enough, massive kick + hoarding + shin = nasty gash + £8,000 fine + disqualification from the tournament for the aggro Argentine.

Have you ever found yourself in situations where, like David, you can't control your temper? If so, fear not, FHM is on hand to offer six essential bits of temper-saving advice:

1) First of all, take a deep breath and count to ten. Things always seem better after ten seconds. Try this theory by punching yourself in the balls and seeing if it feels better in ten seconds.

2) Remove yourself from the situation. If someone touches your lady or calls you a "stinky face", take yourself away from the scoundrel and by the time you see them again, you'll have totally forgotten what you were angry about in the first place.

3) Do something stress-relieving. Have a fag/pint/pay a visit to madame palm and her five sexy daughters. Not all at the same time, you understand.

4) Go for a massage. This is scientifically proven to de-stress you. Feel free to combine with point three for what is known in the trade as a 'happy ending'.

5) Try meditation. If something has really ground your gears, try calming yourself by sitting alone in a silent room, with your eyes shut, taking deep breaths. Try to completely clear your mind during the session – this will allow you to assess the situation more calmly and clearly afterwards. If you can’t get away from your desk then just shut your eyes and take some deep breaths there. And if that doesn't chill you out, at least the perpetrator will think you're a loose cannon.

6) Drink ice cold water. Your body temperature and heart rate increase dramatically when you’re fuming so a cold glass of water will bring you back to normal.