You can lose pounds, and we mean the fatty ones that make it harder to run for the bus, not the shiny ones in your pocket that are useful for buying stuff. It's never been easier or cheaper to get fit thanks to FHM's 10 handy cheats to a flatter stomach.

1. Get your arse out of bed
Exercising before breakfast, a quick run in the park or cycling to work, forces your body to nuke stored flab for energy.  That’s unless you're in bed with someone like the lovely Amy (above) and in that case we’d say stay in bed and try and burn off some calories in another way.

2. Sing your way slim
Research by Brunel University proved that listening to music will make you exercise 15% longer. And the longer you train, the more blubber you’ll burn - simple.

3. Pack your bag

Wherever you go, stuff your sack with unnecessary tat. A report in the American College of Sports Medicine found carrying a heavy bag increases your daily fat-burning by 30%. Plus, make sure that sack kicks some serious style ass, like this Route One backpack.

4. Ditch the carbs
US fitness guru Tim Ferriss says the best way to shed fat is to ditch fattening white bread, rice, pasta and potatoes.

5. Eat grapefruits
The grapefruit is your best friend for burning lard. It reduces your insulin levels, which makes your body store fat.

6. Hide the bad stuff
A study in the journal Appetite revealed that office workers who had chocolates on their desk ate 5% more food per day than subjects whose chocs were on a shelf metres away. So keep unhealthy food out of nibbling range.

7. Drink yourself thinner
When boxer Amir Khan needs to strip fat fast, he drinks like a fish. It’s all water, though, sadly. A German study showed drinking lots of water increases your basal metabolic rate – how quickly you burn fat when you’re not exercising – by 30%.

8. Cinnamon
Sprinkling cinnamon into your meals will reduce insulin surges which encourage your body to store fat and ramp up your metabolism.

9. Stay dry
Dried fruit is low in fat and high in fibre so it’s the perfect snack to keep you full and stop you raiding the vending machine.

10. Don’t drink your calories
A tall mocha is packed with 350 calories so it’s easy to blindly drink yourself fat. Choose a low-calorie green tea, Americano or Espresso instead.