Cocktails. A less-than-manly drink mainly consumed by ladies. And what have we learned about being camp? It gets girls. Just look at Russell Brand and David Walliams - Lotharios of the decidedly dandy denomination.

So we've decided to learn how to make a perfect cocktail - if not for you to impress the ladies - then to drink in the privacy of your own home, where your larger lout mates can't abuse you for it.


After watching the video (top) for guidance, here's all the ingredients you need to try it yourself:

50ml Sagatiba Pura
Half a fresh lime (cut into wedges)
12.5ml sugar syrup or 2 bar spoons super fine white sugar

Squeeze and drop the lime wedges into a Boston glass. Add the sugar and muddle. Add the Sagatiba Pura and fill with cubed ice. Shake vigorously and pour entire contents into a large rocks glass. Find hot girl to give it to. Give away.

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