Destination: Las Vegas

Posted by , 23 December 2010

Destination: Las Vegas


When you think of Las Vegas, you think of bright lights, casinos and wanting to wake up on a mattress on the roof of a hotel not knowing how you got there. Yup, most people have their opinion of Sin City shaped by films such as The Hangover. Preconceptions from movies can disappoint though. We mean, look at The Day After Tomorrow – we watched that and then went to New York, but did we get to drive a cargo ship down East Broadway? No.

Anyway, we tried our best to go and win big in Vegas a few months ago, and while we were lucky enough to have the backing of the lovely people at Stan James to do it, it’s pretty obvious that not every man has £5,000 to throw at blackjack. And the odds show – regardless of how much you start out with – that each game you play is weighted towards the casino, meaning you are likely to leave Nevada with a lot less than you entered it with.

If you wanted to follow FHM’s footsteps, you should probably try and avoid the pitfalls Messrs French and McGarr fell in to. One frequent error people make is hitting the city large on their first night, and never recovering – financially and physically. It’s a massive bloke’s playground, and the kind of restraint you’d need is akin to being locked in a bedroom with a naked Megan Fox and Cheryl Cole and not looking at them once. It just wouldn’t happen.

So we headed back to the Entertainment Capital of the World to check out a few of the places you can stay, depending on your budget, and to see what else you can do when you hit the wall and need to shore up the flow of cash from your wallet.

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