Editor's Challenge: Win Big In Vegas

Posted by , 15 November 2010

Editor's Challenge: Win Big In Vegas


Grandma dreams of winning a bottle of brandy at bingo. Sweatshop syndicates hope their lottery numbers come up every week. But an FHM man should have just one gambling fantasy – walking out of Las Vegas with more money than George Clooney earned for Ocean’s 11.

Las Vegas is not just the ultimate test of nerve and gambling skills, it’s Sin City – the stag-do mecca where a man with cash finds temptation on every corner. Living the high life in Vegas is an adventure every single man must undertake but because this is an Ed’s Challenge, it’s not enough that my writers buy a lapdance and watch Cirque du Soleil – they have to come out in the black.

Thanks to the kind folks at StanJames.com we’ve got serious stake to start out with, now they must find and learn a foolproof system that guarantees they beat the house. To make matters more interesting, I’m sending two very different FHM writers: notorious non-risk-taker and newboy Rob McGarr, and committed gambler, Senior Writer Paul French, who’s never met a bet he didn’t like. Who will come out on top?


* Each writer has a £5,000 stake to gamble with
* Find and learn a foolproof system to ensure you win big in Las Vegas
* Bonus points for really getting into character and living the lifestyle
* The loser will pay a forfeit
* The Editor’s decision is final

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