Whether you're spending the summer hitting Europe, somewhere further afield or just getting the hell out of London while the Olympics take over, you'll want some new gear while you're at it. We've picked out some of the coolest- and lightest - items to make moving on your feet a doddle.

1/ Vaude Astra Light Backpack
Usefulness: There's an organiser in the top compartment for easy access to smaller items, leaving the rest of the bag clutter-free.
Weight: 1.6kg (50l)
Gimme: £130
, vaude.co.uk

2/ Exofficio Storm Logic Sweater x Neck Pillow
Usefulness: It's a big warm jumper that wraps up into a neck pillow for long-haul travel. Genius.
Weight: 500g
Gimme: £65
, exofficio.com

3/ Teva Flyweight Shoes, 153g
Usefulness: Walking, mainly, but a collapsable heel and minimum weight make them a great spare pair of cloppers.
Weight: 153g
Gimme: £45
, amazon.co.uk

4/ Hewlett Packard Mini 210 Laptop
Usefulness: If you're the kind of person who needs to stay connected, this covers your bases. Webcam, sturdy feel and built-in speakers courtesy of Dre's Beats.
Weight: 1.39kg
Gimme: £249
, hp.com/uk

5/ Kensington Laptop Lock
Usefulness: Avoid the nightmare of a lost laptop with this aircraft-grade steel lock. Also useful for tying bags down if you fancy a snooze.
Weight: 200g
  £44.99, kensington.com

6/ Motorola Defy JCB Mobile
Usefulness: You can treat this phone like shit and it'll still come up smiling. It just doesn't care. 5MP camera and lasts 16 hours on standby.
Weight: 118g
£155, jcbphone.co.uk

7/ Vaude Ultralight Towel
Usefulness: Massive space-saver and means your bag won't get minging with damp.
Weight: 0.03kg
Gimme: £8.99
, vaude.co.uk

8/ Kiva Keychain Duffel Bag
Usefulness: Packing your pressies in. Folds out into a big, tough duffel bag for whatever you want to lug through customs.
Weight: 45g
Gimme: £8.99
, travelsmith.com

9/ Thrunite Ti Torch
Usefulness: Finding your tent, shining in assailants' eyes.
Weight: 20g
Gimme: £13.95
, flashoholics.co.uk

10/ Fujifilm FinePix XP150 Camera
Usefulness: Waterproof, freezeproof, droppingonconcretewhenyou'reshitfacedproof.
Weight: 205g
Gimme: £219
, fujifilm.co.uk

11/  Kathmandu Patronus Jacket
Usefulness: Weighs nothing, looks slick and will keep you dry as anything. It's got an eyelet for headphones and an elasticated hem for snugness.
Weight: 260g
Gimme: £199
, kathmandu.co.uk

12/ Berghaus Long Sleeve Zip Neck
Another quick-drying item, you'l never be longer than 30 minutes away from a clean top. Also, black hides the dirt.
Weight: 117g
Gimme: £50
, berghaus.com