We caught up with celebrity stylist Ayishat Akanbi at the launch of Eastpak's spring/summer 2014 range of bags to pick her brain about where we’re going wrong when we’re dressed to impress.

Here are her biggest pet peeves…

Sunglasses in a club
Unless you’re a mega popstar trying to keep a low profile (although, let's be honest, it’s probably just going to attract more attention) then you look like a bit of a fool. Not cool, not suave, not mysterious and enigmatic, just a bit of an arse. So don’t do it.

Deep Vs
These T-shirts were a big deal a while ago and you can still see them dotted around the high street. If you can keep it modest, maybe with a little chest hair on show (don’t go full Austin Powers) then this is absolutely fine. But if the tip of your cutaway is touching your belly button and you can see nipples, then it’s too far. If you own a naval gazing deep V, take it to the backyard right now and burn it. Burn it good.

Ridiculous eyebrows
Contrary to popular belief, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a bloke plucking his eyebrows, but only in moderation and only if they look like bushy caterpillars that are putting people off speaking to you or obstructing your vision. If you’re just tidying up a monobrow, don’t worry about it. Pluck away. 

Jewellery like Mr T
Less is more on this front, unless you’re someone rocky like Lenny Kravitz, in which case you should be more worried about the snakeskin boots you’re also wearing. Keep it subtle, keep it vaguely interesting and, for God’s sake, put down the rosary beads if you’re not an actual priest.

Designer belts
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a nice belt, but let's keep the branding subtle. Nobody needs to see a five-inch Versace buckle balanced on your crotch – it just looks like you’re showing you can afford something expensive. In reality though, people who can afford to buy expensive things don’t need to show off about it. It’s about confidence, not waving it around.

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