Converse are as synonymous with rock music as Marshall amps that go up to eleven, massive hair and guitar solos that feel longer than the actual songs.

Rock music without Converse would pretty much be like cooking without ingredients. And that would be absolutely rubbish.


But we’re not the only people that know, so do Converse, after all they’ve been kitting out the likes of Kurt Cobain, Slash and a bazillion other rock star royalty for years.


To recognise this brilliant thing, they’re launching the Chuck Taylor All Star Rock Craftmanship collection. A properly badass collection that manages to be rugged and a little bit different from the usual pumps you see flashing about town.


Here are 5 awesome things that you never knew about the legendary stampy rock shoes…

05 Converse were apparently invented after Marquis Mills Converse fell down some stairs and injured his pet donkey. At which point he thought it was high time someone sorted out some decent rubber soled shoes…

04 For the first 60 years, you could only buy them in five colours. But it was fine because they were still awesome.

03 Elvis was a massive fan of Converse, which considering that he’s The King, is quite impressive.

02 Since 1917, there have been 550 million Converse produced, which is the equivalent of two pairs for every man, woman and child in America. Which is a shit load of shoes.

01 During World War II, American Soldiers trained in Chuck Taylor All-Stars.