Every man should own a decent watch. They're shiny, they look good, and if used correctly can keep you out of trouble. They also come in really handy when you're bored on your own and want to pretend that you're James Bond and about to deploy a hefty laser beam on someone.

Here are five reasons why you should own one:

A mobile phone will never be a family heirloom.

When our Dad was growing up, a pivotal part of his life that confirmed his ascent to manhood was recieving an old watch that had been worn by his Dad, and maybe even his Dad before him.

These days, there's a massive decline in watch wearers, namely because of how awesome phones are. But, tell us this, in years to come when your own son is growing up, what would you rather give him, a weathered, yet stylish, wristpiece or an iPhone with a cracked screen?

Real men wear watches, and girls like real men.

From James Bond to Steve McQueen, awesome watches have always been a key part of what makes them ridiculously cool. Nobody has ever turned and looked at a flustered guy in a bar fishing his phone out of his pocket or squinting at the wall to spot the time and thought: 'I want to be that guy.'

Because women shouldn't be the only ones that can 'accesorise.'

Women have necklaces, bracelets, dangly earrings and loads of other shiny stuff, sure, men have those too but it takes a certain kind of guy to pull off most of those things. Everyone can do watches on the other hand, and slapping one on can easily make your outfit a trillion times better. Even if you're dressed like an absolute slob, a decent watch can raise your game ten fold.

It shows you care.

Not just about looking cool but also that you understand the concept of time. Punctuality is extremely important, if you're wearing a watch it'll stop you being late and missing all of the great things in life like dodging the first round, being able to see your girlfriend arrive and dodging the last round.

They make you look less weird when you're waiting for someone.

We've all been there, you're stood in the pub waiting for your mates who've been 'just walking around the corner,' for the last 20 minutes and you're already on your third pint and been to the loo four times.

There's a group of girls staring at you with a look bordering on both pity and fear. You look weird and frantically checking your phone for non-existent texts is not helping.

What you need to do is completely own the situation with confidence by casually glancing at an awesome watch and asking for a scotch, just like the movie stars do. Just don't let them see your face when you struggle to swallow your first gulp of manly whisky.

Get the watches:

01 River Island, £26, www.riverisland.com

02 Uniform Wares, £390, www.oki-ni.com

03 Bell & Ross, £1950, www.bellross.com

04 Mondaine, £479, www.mondaine.com

05 Timex, £49.99, www.thewatchhut.co.uk