This week Google introduced their brand new HP Chromebook and FHM got to have a cheeky play with it at the super-shiny and very cosmopolitan Google offices.
Here’s why it's an absolute bloody game changer...

01  It looks fricking baller. Admittedly this is because it’s basically a basterdised version of the Macbook Air, but as cool bits of kit goes it looks awesome with its smooth futuristic finish and Google coloured lights. It’s thinner than a pizza and weighs more or less the same as an iPad, which is impressive, because it isn’t an iPad.
02  It won't break you. Normally we’d judge something that looks so much like a Macbook Air and isn’t, but the fact that the Chromebook is cheap as chips means we’re going to let it slide. The Chromebook will set you back around £229, which is an absolute steal and a fraction of what a Macbook product will cost you to do pretty much the same thing. We almost feel guilty for them.
03  It lives in the clouds. Meaning that there’s hardly anything saved on the device that you can lose if it breaks. The whole thing is synced to Google Drive and camped out on the internet. This means there’s zero load time and it works quicker than Robin Thicke at a disco, spending very little time dawdling and all of the time getting the job done. Because it’s cloud-based, you can access your work, pictures and music from any other device just by using your Gmail. Downsides are that if Google gets hacked, you’re screwed.
04  But that’s fine because it’s packing.
Google have built in a shedload of virus protection, with multiple layers of security to keep you safe from malware adverts that try to sell you penis enlargement pills and "get ripped" diet plans. Consequently, once you’ve got the Chromebook, you don’t need to spend your hard-earned dosh pimping it out with programmes like Norton or McAfee Antivirus.
05  Finally, it works offline. Yes, all your stuff is saved on the old t'internet, but the Chromebook is dead clever offline too. It regularly syncs itself with whatever you last did, so even if you’re not online you can still work away without losing anything. And it works on planes, with proper internet access using Gogo Inflight Internet.

Your roll Apple…


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