You might be absolutely freezing, but that doesn't mean that you can't still look good. Here's the FHM guide to wearing a hat and not looking like a complete and utter eejit...


The Standard

The single fold is the standard look for most hat wearers. Practical and easy to rock, this should be the start point for any woolly novices.



Worn over the forehead and loose at the back, this look will work with both a bobble and a beanie. 


The Roll 

Pop your beanie on in the standard position, but instead of a single fold roll it up from the bottom edge to a point just above the ears. This is a classic workwear look and not suitable for bobbles.


The Gnome

A proper streetwear banger that’s entrenched in beats and hip-hop culture. Worn tight on the forehead and loose in the vertical, this is one to try at home in the safety of your bedroom mirror first.


Proper Sloppy

Worn loose at the back of the head, this is the LA celeb way of donning a beanie. Best rocked with track pants on a hungover Sunday for the trip to the shop.