On 7 November, 26 top bartenders took part in the Beefeater 24 Global Bartender Competition 2013 in London. We shared a manly cocktail with a few of them to find out what we should have in our home bars...

01 Cocktail strainer

Konstantinos Kapniaris (Greece) - "I couldn't live without my cocktail strainer - you need to ensure you can infuse your ingredients and yet still create silky smooth cocktails."

02 Cappuccino frother

Mido Ahmed Yahi (France) - "No question, the one thing I would find it hard to live without when creating cocktails is my cappuccino frother. For cocktails where you need a whipped finish, such as those that use egg white, it is essential to give a frothy finish."

03 Mixing glass

Milos Danihelka (Czech Republic) - "A mixing glass. Some bartenders could not live without their shaker but, for me, a glass allows you to blend more carefully."

04 Lemon squeezer

Jani-Pekka Hiltunen (Finland) - "Citrus plays such a big part of cocktails so no bartender should ever be without a lemon squeezer."

05 Ice (and enough to make eskimos jealous)

Truls Thomsen (Norway) - "Ice. If we can't cool drinks, the flavours would just not be anywhere near as good and crisp."

06 Cocktail shaker

Darren Geraghty (Ireland) - "My cocktail shaker, which I've had for many years. A bartender just cannot cope without it."

07 Sugar syrup

Andrea Patelli (Sweden) - "Sweetness in the form of sugar syrup. The simplest way to make it is to boil 50% sugar with 50% water and leave itto cool. Simple, but perfect to add sweetness to any cocktail."

08 Napkins

Jason Williams (Australia) - "Napkins… while the drink is important, the way it's served is equally so. You can write things on a napkin to compliment the drink in the glass that's resting on it… and then you can clear up if you spill it!"

Now we know what you're thinking - napkins? Really? Well, Jason's curious suggestion actually won him the Beefeater 24 Global Bartender Competition. 

Winning Beefeater cocktail

His cocktail, "Werewolves of London" was served with a napkin asking people to phone a mystery number. Once they dialled it, they had Warren Zevon's 1978 hit, Werewolves of London, played to them.

Your move, Tom Cruise.