If you've got a love of gadgets and technology, you're in luck because Leo Davie from The Coolector has found some absolute belters this week that will keep you entertained throughout summer.

01  Beer Foamer

Chances are you're going to be going to a looooot of barbecues this summer and the danger of having so many delicious burgers and hotdogs to devour is that your beer might go flat whilst you're doing so – which is exactly why you need a beer foamer. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Available: Menu

02  Backpack Cooler Chair

Why somebody hasn’t thought of this before blows our minds quite frankly. The perfect piece of festival kit that you never knew that you needed. Just don’t be that one dick that uses it to camp right in front of the main stage.

Available: Hammacher Schlemmer

03  Quitbit Smart Lighter

Trying to kick the smoking habit? Well, this Quitbit Smart Lighter might give you a gentle nudge in the right direction by letting you know how many you've smoked and how long since your last cigarette - thereby guilting you into lessening your frequency. Or burning your ear when you mistake it for your phone.

Show Support: Kickstarter

04  Batmobile Golf Buggy

Let's face it, the game of golf is boring as shit most of the time but if you're razzing up to the 18th green in a golf buggy that looks like the Batmobile, some heads are going to be turned. And security called.

But you won’t care because you’ll be Golf Batman. The hero that the 9th hole needs.

Available: Prestigious Imports

05  iKettle

The thought of dragging your weary bones out of bed in the morning and turning the kettle on is one you no longer need concern yourself with, thanks to iKettle. It lets you stick the kettle on from your smartphone and lets you plan half-time World Cup brews with unerring precision.

Available: Firebox