Christmas is right around the corner and the gadget wars are hotting up. Leo from men's lifestyle magazine The Coolector takes a look at some of the bits of tech that might be finding their way under our Christmas trees this festive period...

01 Sony 3-in-1 Walkman 

Even though most may have thought the iPod had hunted and bullied the humble Walkman into extinction, it appears that it may have triumphantly returned from the scrapheap, courtesy of these rather awesome-looking Sony 3-in-1 Walkman Headphones.

Fear not: you won't have to dust off the mix tapes you've been stockpiling under your bed. The Sony 3-in-1 has a built in MP3 player to store your music. Darwin would have a field day with these – they pretty much prove his theory of evolution.

Price: £100 from Sony.

02 Doxie Scanner

Do you often come across things that you want to scan, only to sigh forlornly and drag your office scanner to the object of your affection?

Well, risk a workplace formal warning no more with this spiffing Doxie Handheld Flip Scanner, which you can carry around in your pocket (providing you have your pockets unnecessarily modified to an enhanced size) and scan old photos, pictures and what not that you may come across during your day-to-day wanderings.

Price: £100 from Get Doxie.

03 Ricoh Theta Camera

Though Ricoh may be best known for sponsoring the mighty Blues (yeah, Coventry) stadium, you may not have realised that they also make some pretty spiffing cameras – prime example being this, the Ricoh Theta Camera.

Ideally suited to taking spherical photos in confined environments, the Theta will be the perfect camera for those who live in a tiny studio flat and want to take photos of said pokey palace. It also looks good for taking pictures of sea and rock.

Price: £340 from Ricoh.

04 Tonino Lamborghini Smartphone

If you want to play Snake with that bit more panache and class in 2014, we've got just the number for you: this stupidly luxurious smartphone from Tonino Lamborghini.

If you're not adverse to paying thousands of pounds for a phone (cheap skate), you'll definitely be able to impress your peers with this suave Italian lothario of a mobile. It runs on Android technology and gets 10 miles to the gallon. Excellent car-based banter.

Price: approx £3,000. See Tonino Lamborghini for more info.

05 Romo Robot

Don't want to spend another Christmas alone with your turkey dinner for one? Fancy a bit of company? Well, let me introduce you to Romo the Smartphone Robot. Maybe stick your Lamborghini phone in there if you want to give him a big head.

This friendly little chap will razz round as your minion as you control him with your phone to do your Christmas bidding. Word of warning, however: he won't do anything of any actual use, such as mulling your wine or filling that empty feeling inside.

Price: £100. See Romotive for more info.

Words by Leo Davie. For more awesome stuff, check out The Coolector.