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Posted by , 05 February 2014

A man's guide to amazing lunches

A man's guide to amazing lunches

Lunchtime. The chance to fill your face with whatever foodstuffs you heart desires. So why default to the bland supermarket sarnie? Bin the meal deal and construct your own workday masterpiece...


01 Anyone that’s ever donned a hard hat and strapped on a tool belt knows that doing any sort of building is bloody hungry work. Something about hammering nails, sandpapering surfaces and sitting on walls while wolf-whistling panicked-looking young women makes a man ravenous.

We asked Richard Turner, head chef at London steak geniuses Hawksmoor, how to build a lunch with perfect structural integrity...

02 Aren’t the Japanese marvellous? They invented Super Mario, built the bullet train and are responsible for some of the most breathtakingly weird pornography ever committed to film. The Japanese also know how to put together a kick-ass lunch.

We asked Yuki Gomi, Japanese chef and instructor at the Sozai Cooking School, to show us how it’s done...

03 Sometimes it takes more than a tiny bit of bread, a weedy slice of packaged ham and a few apologetic slivers of tomato to really hit the spot. Sometimes you’ve got to go BIG with your lunch in order to boot the hunger monster square in the junk. And there’s only one man for that job.

Step forward FHM’s fist-pumping, head-banging, lycra-clad lunch lord himself: DJ BBQ, Christian Stevenson...

04 You go hard at the gym, bro? You need a health-freak lunch designed by The Urban Kitchen founder Toral Shah. Short of an ass-shot full of steroids, this’ll get you ripped, jacked and pumped faster than anything on Earth...

05 The ravenous hunger a man gets exactly 11 hours after an epic session is a very particular hunger and conquering it is an exact science. Professor Green’s food-mad DJ buddy Big Lew (whose series Burger Gang Or Die is available on YouTube) knows all about head-melting hangovers. Here’s his prescription...

06 It’s finally pay day and you’re in the mood to splurge. True, you could spend your cash on new shoes or a birthday present for your mum, but instead you choose to blow it on a lunchtime feast fit for a chinless aristo with a triple-barrelled surname.

Food expert and walking recipe encyclopedia Jack Sargeson shows FHM how it’s done...

FHM peeks into the kitchen cupboard to find out what kind of heat the pros are packing in their lunchtime arsenal...

Words: Joe Mackertich
Photography: Dan Matthews
Food styling: Nico Ghirlando

To fill your belly with even more deliciousness, head over to FHM Man Food.

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