It's that time of the week again as we turn our attention to the latest and greatest gadgets and technology that are worthy of your wonga. Leo Davie of The Coolector takes us through what he's found this week...

1 SandwichBike

Have you been longing for that bicycle that’s not only as easy to make as a sandwich but you can also take to work in tupperware? Well, this awesome Sandwich Bike will tick 50% of those boxes. The wooden beast consists of a mere 19 components and can be built in just 45 minutes.  Unless, of course, you're utterly inept at DIY, in which case it will most likely take over a year and result in numerous bouts of uncontrollable tears.

Price: €799 at SandwichBike.

2 Grado Bushmill Headphones

Finally, a pair of headphones that the great man Ron Burgundy would approve of! Why, I hear you say? Well, sir, because these epic Grado Bushmill Headphones are made from old scotchy scotch whisky barrels, that's why. The top-notch headphones are a limited-edition offering crafted from reconditioned white oak barrels used by the Bushmills distillery over in Ireland.

Price: Approx £250 from Turntable Lab.

3 The Access Case by Nodus

A sleek stylish, leather design that, unlike quite a few of the protective cases we’ve seen, a) doesn’t look like something a child would carry, b) doesn’t impair your functionality and c) actually stays stuck to your phone if you wave it around, unlike those weird rubber magnet efforts you see everyone with. It also looks awesome and doesn’t mark like a peach if dropped from great height.

Check it out on Kickstarter.

4 Martin Jetpack

You know that pair of socks that you've got on top of your Christmas wishlist? Well, scratch that and slap down one of these jaw-dropping and almost certainly death-baiting devices that goes by the name of the Martin Jetpack. Always wanted to forgo the mundane morning commute and arrive in style (Read: crash uncontrollably through your office window)? Then this is definitely the thing for you. The Martin Jetpack can get you to altitudes of 800ft and speeds of 50MPH, so you'll almost certainly require the deployable parachute that it comes with at some point or other ie every single time you use it. Watch out for all those Amazon drones up there!

Price: £75,000+ at Martin Jetpack.

5 Gramovox

This Flintstones-esque number may look like something straight out of the 30s (or Prehistoric times if I'm to continue with the Flintstones analogy), but you can rest assured it is a technologically advanced little fella. The Gramovox is the world's first bluetooth gramophone and, as you can plainly see, it looks cooler than the a T-2000 Terminator getting frozen at a steel works. If you're after a music device with a bit more sartorial standing, then the Gramovox is surely it.

Price: Approx £200 at Gramovox.

Words by Leo Davie


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