And so he should, as he makes a living styling the likes of Amir Khan and Tinie Tempah. Let him teach you the tricks of the trade...

How did you come to be a stylist? Were you always a style guru?
Styling wasn’t my first choice of profession, I was actually a pastry chef in Manchester when I left school and only later decided to pursue a career in fashion. I eventually left Manchester to study fashion at Central St Martins and my first job after finishing there was Style Editor for The Face magazine.

I wouldn't really say I was always a style guru but even when I was a chef I was very well informed on what was going on in the world of fashion. I would spend all my hard earned money on clothes and would often travel to London and Paris on shopping trips.

What’s your personal style like?
As a teenager I had a pretty colourful dress sense, encouraged by the early stages of the rave and acid house scene in Manchester.

My current style however is all about layered sports and contemporary clothing, mainly in black, which I accessorise with a baseball cap, chunky rings and a neat beard.

Facial hair has become an increasingly popular style accessory in the fashion world, I absolutely love my beard and it’s a key part of my look. I’d best describe it as country kid meets the city! I also love wearing shorts, even in the autumn, and have recently made some great purchases from designers Rick Owens, Gosha Rubchinskiy and Matthew Miler.

Where do you get most of the clothes you wear?
I am a bit of an online shopaholic and buy a lot my clothes from Mr Porter and oki-ni. I also live near some great independent shops like Hostem and Present, which I love.

Have you had any personal fashion disasters?
I went out one night in a wetsuit which was more torture than a disaster!

Are there a few basic style rules that every guy should follow?
I think it’s all about knowing your body and shape and working with it, not against it.

What are your favourite menswear brands at the moment, and why?
I have a lot of favourites! I love Raf Simons and Lanvin clothing. Their clothing has great subtle detailing that makes their garments really different from other brands. Nike and Mr Hare footwear are also personal favourites of mine and I love high street brands, like River Island and Topman. I’m a firm believer in the mix of high and low.

What are the key trends for A/W that everyone will be rocking and what’s the best way to achieve them?
There are so many great looks for men this A/W and it’s not just about the clothes, it’s about clever accessorising too, from top to toe.

Firstly, we have what I like to call the ‘English Heritage’ look. This style is all about embracing the great outdoors whilst bringing an old school gentleman look to everyday fashion. Try pairing a tweed or wax jacket with a soft flannel shirt and skinny woven tie, finishing with an Oxford shoe in brown or tan. As mentioned, facial hair has become such a key fashion accessory and with this look it’s important to make sure you use it to maintain that outdoorsy feel. Keep the back and sides of the hair classically short and your beard suitably masculine for best results. Try out Braun’s cruZer6 beard & head - its adjustable comb allows you to trim hair to the exact length to suit you, keeping everything neat and tidy.

My second favourite trend is something I have named the ‘Moon Raker’. Dominating the A/W’12 catwalks this look will give you a modern and sleek edge. It’s all about high performance fabrics, combining reflective qualities and glow in the dark detail on winter coats and jackets. Accessories-wise team this futuristic style with low rise trainers and finely tuned facial hair. A moustache works best with this look but it’s important that you keep it under control to maintain a sharp appearance. Try the Braun cruZer6 precision trimmer, great for those tricky areas and finally, ensure you keep hair gelled back off your face for suitably slick results.

How do you come to be the stylist for people such as Tinie Tempah and Amir Khan?
They had both seen and liked my editorial work, so from there I met with them to talk about what I could offer and thankfully they liked my ideas.

How much control do you have over what they wear?
With my work it’s not about control, it’s about creating a strong partnership. I introduce my clients to new labels or ideas and then we put an appropriate spin on them to suit their personal style. It’s a very collaborative process.

Which famous guys do you think are really killing it in the style stakes at the moment?
I am a real fan of Daniel Craig’s style; it always seems really effortless and he dresses well for his age. A$AP Rocky also has a very inspiring sense of style, with a great mix of designer and sportswear. Most rappers are very obvious in the labels they buy and his choices are very intelligent.

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