Leo Davie from The Coolector is back to give you the low-down on the best bits of shiny kit to spend your hard-earned pennies on this weekend…

Yoder Frontiersman Smoker

February BBQ anyone? Unleash your inner DJ BBQ and showcase your caveman credentials with this massive smoker, a stonking piece of kit that’ll make your meat delicious and give off so much heat you’ll forget it’s even winter.
Available at GrillPro

Tactus MagnaTuff

If, like us, you drop your iPad with alarming regularity and want to prevent any further misfortunes befalling your machine, you're going to need a resilient beast to keep it well protected. Say hello to Tactus MagnaTuff which, despite sounding like the name of a Norse Viking, is actually an absolutely radonkulous case for your iPad.

Available at Tactus

Whisky Barrel Wood Shaving Kit

What's more manly than growing a full on man-beard? Shaving it off with one of these awesome-looking Whisky Barrel Wood Shaving Kits must be in there with a shout. Crafted from reclaimed whisky barrels, you'll likely still be able to get a whiff of your favourite tipple (if you're still pretending to like whisky) as you do away with your facial hair.

Available at Heritage Handcrafted

Dali Fazon F5

Like your speakers loud and awesome? Check out these streamlined efforts that’ll give you an audio boner faster than you can turn the volume up to 11. They’re like the speaker equivalent of a Ferrari on steroids but with an extra layer of style.

Available at Dali Speakers