Tourists, we all hate them. With their sweaty brows, bad-fitting clothes and complete ignorance of the general locality, and yet, at some point or another we've all been one.

Here's how to avoid look like a hapless eurotrash backpacker when you're on your holidays.

First up, the essentials...

DO's and DON'Ts

DON'T: Get sunburn

Girls like lobster for dinner, not for a date.

DO: Buy a new cap

Use your holiday as an excuse to invest in one to keep the rays off.

Hat, £29.99, Stussy at


DON'T: Forget local culture

Avoid the temptations of McDonald's and feast on at least one food you've never tried before.

DO: Down some Grappa/Limoncello/Sangria

Though not so much that you punch a barman and have to spend the night in the cells.

Brooklyn East India Pale Ale, £6,


DO: Learn the exchange rate

It'll stop you from overpaying for taxis and dinners.

DON'T: Get your wallet nicked

Carry it in your front packet or buy one with a chain.

Wallet, £150,

DON'T: Walk around with tacky souvenirs

We're talking flags, I heart NY tees and sombreros.

DO: Wear a brilliant watch

Well, you need to keep an eye on the time, don't you?

Watch, £355, Miansai at


And the common sense...


Shirt, £25, Sonneti at JD Sports; Shorts, £25, Nanny State at Bank; Hat, £28,; Sunglasses, £80, Police at; Trainers, £100, Nike at JD Sports; Camera, £999,

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