Though a Simpsons Lego set set is a tough act to follow, Leo Davie from The Coolector gives it a go with his latest round-up of gadgets and gizmos...

01 Zippo Hand Warmer

Zippo hand warmer

Let's face it, it's pretty damn cold out there right now and sometimes shoving your hands down the front of your pants is just not socially acceptable. So get your hands on one of these awesome Zippo hand warmers instead.

£20 at Zippo

02 Keecker 


Keecker is not a futuristic kettle or a tiny heater. Keecker is a robot. What does Keecker do, we hear you say? Well, he follows you around your home projecting the content of your smartphone – videos, games, social media and what have you – directly on to your walls. iRobot he ain't, but he's pretty awesome nonetheless.

Buy at Keecker

03 Electric One Wheel Skateboard

Electric one wheel skateboard

As if skateboarding wasn't already difficult enough, some boffins have decided to make it even more bruise-baiting by taking away three of your wheels and adding an electric motor. Say hello to OneWheel, the electric, self-balancing (yeah, right) skateboard.

Support at Kickstarter

04 Equil JOT Smart Pen

Equil JOT smart pen

Drawing on paper and having it automatically appear on your iPhone or tablet might seem like witchcraft, but it's a reality courtesy of this top-notch Smart Pen. The potential for hijacking a friend's phone and drawing penises all over his home screen seems too good to pass up.

$150 at 

05 Batman Bike Helmet

Batmen motorbike helmet

OK, we know that this is a helmet for bikers, but hear us out. If you ride bikes of the motorless variety, you'll have experienced the venomous rage from those four-wheeler types at one time or another. Get yourself one of these badass Batman Dark Motorcycle Helmets and watch them part like the Red Sea.

Available at HelmetDawg