In recognition of that fine annual event, National Curry Week (what do you mean you didn't realise it was a thing?), we got Let There Be Beer's expert ale guru Steve Liven to compile the perfect boozy curry guide...


Dish: Poppadom
Beer: Badger Golden Glory
Buy it: Tesco, £1.97 (4 for 3)

Golden ales are a deliciously refreshing, lighter ale. In this case the peachy, fruity and lemony flavours work well to cut through the fattiness of the poppadom, while the clean, malty biscuit backbone will complement the simple flavour and crispy crunch.

Dish: Onion bhaji
Beer: Timothy Taylor's Landlord 4.1% ABV
Buy it: Sainsbury's, £1.97

A little like golden ales, pale ales are another lighter, refreshing style of beer. With fresh, herbal citrus hops, a solid malty backbone and a slight peppery taste, Timothy Taylor's Landlord will stand up to the stronger flavours and slight spice of the classic onion bhaji.

Dish: Samosa
Beer: Vedett Extra White 4.7% ABV
Buy it:, £1.89

A little more like a lager but with more complexity. Vedett Extra White includes wheat in addition to the barley more traditionally associated with lagers and ales, which then adds a creamy, soft character to the beer. This will match with the light dough of the samosa, whilt the lemon, citrus and herbal character from the hops will compliment and temper the spiciness of the samosa.


Dish: Chicken Tikka Masala
Beer: Old Hooky
Buy it: Ocado £1.97

A curry packed with big flavours and a rich, creamy silky texture demands a beer that can hold its own in the flavour department. Here the delicate citrus hop and fruity, malty flavours of Old Hooky will stand up to the rich tomato flavour of the curry without overwhelming the more delicate flavour of the chicken.

Dish: Korma
Beer: Thwaites Nutty Black
Buy it: Ocado, £1.97

Dark and delicious, but not as creamy as a stout or as dry as a porter. The malty, fruity taste of Nutty Black won't overwhelm the flavour of the chicken while the toasty, nutty character will complement the soft coconut flavour of the korma. The sweet notes of both the curry and the beer will play together nicely.

Dish: Tandoori chicken
Beer: Thornbridge Jaipur 5.9% ABV
Buy it: Waitrose £2.39

Big food needs big flavours and here the intense, fruity notes of passion fruit and grapefruit will complement the rich, smokey tandoori flavours. Spicy hops will also stand up to any heat while those citrus notes will also be perfect to refresh the palate between each mouthful.

Dish: Vindaloo
Beer: Badger Tangle Foot
Buy it: Tesco, £1.97 (4 for 3)

Who says that ales don't match a curry? This deeply refreshing, fragrant and fruity ale with flavours of pear and melon will complement the complex, meaty flavours of the curry while at the same time softening the fiery spice and refreshing the palate between mouthfuls.

Dish: Jalfrezi
Beer: Chalky's Bite 6.8% ABV

Chalky's Bite is brewed to stand alongside the great Belgian beers. Lying somewhere between an ale and a lager, the three hop varieties found in this beer will balance out the heat of the jalfrezi, while also refreshing the palette between spicy bites.

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