With the weather starting to take a turn for the better, Leo Davie from men's lifestyle magazine The Coolector checks out some gadgets that'll fit the bill this summer.

01  Biolite BaseCamp Stove

If you're heading into the wild this summer (or little further than your back garden with craft ales aplenty) and want an awesome stove for those meaty cook-outs, then you need this. Powered by wood and capable of charging your USB devices with the heat produced.

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02  Tado Cooling System

With temperatures around the UK soon to reach the giddy heights of 20C, the Tado Cooling System might be about to change your life.

Controlled remotely by your iPhone, this is for the man who sweats his balls off but is also way too lazy to manually change the temperature of a room.

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03  Six Pack Bowling

Bowling pins that you can also fill with beer. Two birds, one stone, endless fun.

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04  Ping Meets Pong Table


Ping pong is a bit of a restrictive sport in terms of the number of players you can have, so why not get your hands on one of these circular Ping Meets Pong Tables and have epic group matches?

Beer pong is, of course, the most likely end result.

Available: Walking Things

05  Devotec Fuel Phone Charger

Most of us plan on spending plenty of time outside this summer (big-screen World Cup games, anyone?) and a lack of foresight will likely mean we don't charge our phones beforehand.

Which is why this keyring phone charger awesome. Shaped like a jerry can because it’s ‘fuel’. Get it? Sure you do.

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