We’ve definitely read in a girly magazine* before that the worst thing that can ever happen to anyone is if you turn up to a party and there is someone there wearing the exact same outfit as you.

We weren’t too worried about someone stealing our checked shirt and jeans combo but then it got FHM thinking, what if we went to a party and someone was wearing the same trainers as us?  THAT WOULD BE AWFUL.

But do not panic reader, we here at FHM Towers have solved this hypothetical quandary. The answer? Design your own trainers.

Yes, MES footwork is a new trainer company that let you design your own - or if you’re feeling a bit lazy, they can design them for you.

Handmade in the UK you get to pick the colours and upload any artwork of your choice to them. Popular pattern choices include maps, graffitti and, erm, jelly beans. All reasonable choices but if you want our suggestion (not that you asked for it) we recommend uploading the FHM logo to decorate your new shoes. BIG WIN.

For pricing and more details head to the MES Footwork website. GO.

*Our flatmate or girlfriend's magazine - not our own