The Coolector’s Leo Davie takes you through the gadgets that have got us frothing at the gills like tech-hungry sharks this week…

01 Sigma DP2 Quattro Camera

Built like a camera that’s been boshing growth pills and working out with Arnie, the Sigma DP2 Quattro Camera boasts a19.6 mega-pixel finish that’ll make your pictures so clear you’ll swear that they aren’t even pictures.

They’ll look like a HD quality James Cameron film, only clearer with less pointless 3D or extravagant set design.

Available: Sigma

02 URB-E Electric Scooter

We’ll be the first to admit that there’s something inherently wrong in seeing grown-ups on scooters, but that doesn’t mean we still wouldn’t want to take a spin on one of these bad boys. It’s like a fold-up push bike from the future, which is very cool. Just be prepared for all of your mates to laugh at you.

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03 Albuquerque Action Squad

Still suffering from a massive Breaking Bad break-up?Try filling the void with these Lego trinkets souped up to look like the Albuquerque Action Squad itself. If this doesn’t tide you over until Better Call Saul hits our screens and your Blue Meth addiction takes over, nothing will.

Available: Citizen Brick

04 In1Case

Four words: Swiss. Army. Phone. Case. The In1Case is a phone protecting, tool holding piece of awesomeness, that’ll make you look more manly than a lumberjack at a beard growing contest. Sure, you still won’t have a clue how to use any of the tools but you’ll at least look cool.

Available: In1Case

05 Cogito Smartwatch

Want a wristpiece smarter than a Casio watch calculator classic? Then take a look at the Cogito Smartwatch. This clever little chap lets you see who is calling or texting you along with a host of other stuff and doesn’t set of the Nerd Alert Bells like most other ‘smartwatches’ do.

Available: Cogito Watches