Lose your Christmas belly in just 28 days

Posted by , 06 January 2014



What is it?

A current or former serving member of the Armed Forces gets all Full Metal Jacket on your arse as you join a group of 15-odd people of a similar fitness level in your local park. How sessions go is up to the individual instructor, but they always make the most of the outdoor space – whatever the weather – and involve individual and team exercises, working on your speed, strength and stamina.

How hard is it?

This is essentially 50 minutes of circuit training in the cold, muddy outdoors, led by a bona fide, camo-clad Adonis of a soldier. From squats, more squats and, well, even more squats, to core work, sprints and one-on-one challenges (pushing, pulling, racing, and the like) with fellow class members, you’ll struggle to walk by the end of the session.

If nothing else, you’ll develop a new-found respect for the British Army and its recruits.

Will it shift my belly?

BMF provides a full-body workout that will get your blood flowing, muscles straining and lungs burning. From lunges to shuttle runs, the individual moves are nothing that you couldn’t do yourself down the park, but having a shouty soldier yelling at you provides a lot of motivation.

You might feel a bit of a plonker sweating your way round the park in a numbered vest, but you can’t argue with the benefits to your body. Or with the large, weapons-trained bloke leading the session.

Visit britishmilitaryfitness.com

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