Because job interviews are nerve-racking enough without worrying about what to wear and how to wear it, especially if you're forced to pull on a suit when the last time you wore one was your sister's wedding.

If your suit doesn’t fit, you’ll feel uncomfortable, look uncomfortable and you might as well write your own “we regret to inform you” letter.  Rock a good fit, in the right style, with the perfect accessories and you’ll feel like a million quid, and hopefully be getting that much as your starting bonus too.

Here's the FHM suit checklist...



The Shoulder

The seam should fit roughly along your bone and finish just before the edge of your shoulder. If it's bunching up on your arms or stopping you from comfortably placing your arms at your side, it needs adjusting.

The Cuff

A good suit should finish just a bit higher than most other jackets you wear and expose a small amount of your shirt cuff. It shouldn't be resting on the base of your thumb or tickling your elbows.

The Leg

The hem of your trousers should sit just on top of your shoes, with a slight crease or fold. If it's trailing the floor or flying at half mast, you're going to look like either an '80s businessman or an '80s popstar. Neither are strong looks for job hunting...


Get 'American' shiny teeth

Don't look like a fashion crisis tourist abroard

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