We like boat shoes, and we also like outerwear, but which one do we prefer? There’s only one way to find out: FIGHT. Or, the two could collaborate and keep it civil.

Sperry, the US pioneer of boat shoes and Penfield, the crafty outerwear crafters, have come together to make some extra special footwear, and we think they're pretty spot on.

The timing's good, too; boat shoes aren’t typical for this time of year, what with people not going on boats and them being a very summery looking thing. The new designs are more autumnal, with corduroy and leather in darker colours.

The collection also features these herringbone shoes, which are weird, but also brilliant. They look like a pimped-out skate shoe, and definitely need to be worn casual - jeans or some dark chinos here. You could also try putting in some different colour laces.

Available from Oipolloi.com