Converse have stepped away from their classic baseball shoes and moved into the bag market – these duffle bags are perfect for stashing your gym kit in or packing for a long weekend away.

Or, if you’re embarking on/returning to/waking up at a university this autumn, you might even want to grab one to stash beer in. So many options…

To herald the start of another school year, some of the most creative folk around banded together to desecrate Converse’s school bags.

Converse duffle bags
Scribble scribble

You know, like when you were fifteen and tried to smoke to impress Irish Becky but she was really into that guy that played football but then you tried sport and remember how badly it went? Yea, school was hard.

Converse duffle bags
Or you could do this

So if you’re going to graffiti all over your kit, you may as well get inspiration from some of these designs.

Converse Canvas Duffle £44.82, available from