You may or may not like Dave Berry. Like Russell Brand, Joey Barton and Dappy off N-Dubz, he's one of those guys that divides opinion. But the facts must not be ignored: he's a well dressed cheeky Charlton chappie with a Sugababe girlfriend.

Here are his top ten style essentials:

1) "A nice pair of suede lace-up Chelsea boots. You can't beat Grenson for brown ones. For black suede hit Bullfrogs."

2) "A navy blue silk woven tie. October House does one with a square straight bottom edge that looks so sharp you will make other men in ties cry."

3) "A dark grey wool three-piece suit will make you look like James Bond circa 1964. Or you could wear just the waistcoat with jeans and look like Gary Barlow circa 1994 (don't do that really)."

4) "Navy blue cashmere V-Neck jumper. Dolca & Gabbana's offering matched with jeans may become your favourite ever combo!"

5) "A classic Burberry mac in beige. Over a suit it looks 1940s Hollywood and it looks just as good with a V-Neck T-shirt and jeans."

Double glazing salesmen: stylish but intimidating

6) "Everybody should have a white V-Neck T-shirt. Get a deeper 'V' than normal but be careful not to go 'Jonny Burrell' deep. Go to Richard James on Savile Row if it's your birthday, American Apparel any other time."

7) "A navy blue two-piece is really versatile. So many October House clients are buzzing at the fact both the blazer and the trousers can be worn separately in so many different ways."

8) "Pocket squares! Go crazy! Don't be scared chaps, they lift any suit or blazer combo to the next level. I suggest starting with a plain white and a black with white polka dots."

9) "Black or brown leather gloves. Make sure you don't make the same mistake my friend made and go 'too chunky'. We met at a pub last Christmas and he seemed to be wearing a foam hand like an audience member on Gladiators."

10) "Every man should have one pair of bold socks. Not novelty The Simpsons ones though! I mean a cool silk pair in sky blue or a Pringle tartan."

October House launches its first studio on October 27 at 42 New Oxford Street, London. Visit the website for more information.