Fans of Peep Show and That Mitchell And Webb Look rejoice. David Mitchell is back. But this time with his own mini-show, David Mitchell’s Soapbox, designed specifically for him to rant about things that irritate him.

Even better news, is there’ll be twenty of them. So the funnyman can tell you why he hates the world, every Friday, here on Better still, is that the show is co-organised by Bulldog, friendly creators of natural grooming products for men, who want to give their stuff away for free. We’ve tried it. And we smell unbelievably pleasant.

Bulldog, by the way, pride themselves on not using man-made chemicals like sodium laureth sulphate in their gear, preferring to cram it with essential oils. Which is fine by us. They are also the UK’s first natural grooming range directed just at men. Because they want us to feel special. Their stuff is available all over the UK and ranges from £3 - £6.

But, in cahoots with Bulldog in these financially lean times, we’ll be giving away ten kits of man-smellies every Friday, for twenty weeks. That’s 200 kits of extreme cleanliness. If you want to smell like FHM (and you know you do), head over to our competition page to win. And let your eyes venture south to see an exclusive clip of David Mitchell in full swing: