Diesel Turbo Denim challenge

Posted by , 23 November 2010

Diesel Turbo Denim challenge


Diesel have challenged our Deputy Style Editor Matt Hambly to wear and tear a pair of Diesel Turbo Denim jeans for a month

Each day Matt will undertake a new challenge designed to speed the transition of his jeans from raw denim to vintage classics. On the final day he will wash them and the results of the challenge will be revealed.

Most men live in their jeans. I last washed the pair that I’m wearing today three weeks ago and I’ve worn them non stop since then. My change, phone, wallet and keys all sit in the same pockets (phone-front left, keys and change, front right, wallet back right) and I leave them on a chair ready to pick up and put on again each morning.

Subsequently, over the year or so I owned my last pair, they wore out and faded in the places where everything had been kept. The older they got, the better they looked, but the closer they came to disintegrating. The same happened to my last pair, which have now fallen apart, such was the wear and tear I put them through. Despite this, I’ve kept them. Partly because they remind me of everything I’ve done in them, but mostly because I have borderline autistic tendencies when it comes to collecting things.

It’s taken a year of faithful service for the jeans I have on today to reach this stage but Diesel say that thanks to an enzyme in their Turbo denim, a new pair of jeans from them will develop the same worn in look after thirty days. So I’m going to test it by wearing the same pair of Turbo denim jeans every day for a month.

Diesel have helpfully suggested thirty different things to do in the jeans in order to make the process more effective including crowd surfing, using an industrial sander on them and putting yourself through a carwash.

Let’s just start with Day # 29 and have a snooze in them yeah?

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