Well, it’s looking pretty official isn’t it? Summer is definitely in its last days and god damnit we’re going to miss it. Sure, it was a little stop and start at the beginning but once it kicked in it was glorious.

We were able to wear shorts without looking like complete fools, drink in beer gardens and admire beautiful women wearing cut-offs and vest combos. It was fantastic. But now, Winter, or at the very least, Autumn, is coming and it’s time to prepare.

And that means awesome jumpers, which is never a bad thing.

We’re not talking the kind of stuff your Gran knits or the pullovers you see Alan Partridge kicking back in, we’re talking about properly cool, man jumpers.

Like the fine example above, a jumper that’s practical enough to warm your cockles but also punchy enough to make you stand out and look bloody cool.

The look:

Perfect for the arty grunge rocker types. Unleash your inner French man and learn a few stock phrases about Van Gogh and impressionism and pull off the look with absolute swagger.

Wear it with:

Pair it with some slim black jeans and retro trainers, or if you’re wanting to go full on culture vulture, don a pair of Doc Martens.

Available at ASOS for £60